Our little contribution. For generations, profound and efficient.

Leaving the world a little better than what we found you.

Due to the constant further development of mankind and the thirst for resources of the countries, pollution and exploitation of nature are increasing.

This has effects on the coming generations, which cannot be foreseen today.

Diversified investments that are the right fit

Counting among the greatest challenges of our time




We want to do a small part to change that.

With the PRUDENS CORE SATELLITE investment strategy, we manage the investment funds entrusted to us according to our approach of being able to bring about change.
We consciously invest and promote small, medium-sized and large, listed companies worldwide that operate their business model in a sustainable, resource-saving and environmentally friendly manner.

An overview of the investment focus of our investment portfolio

A large selection of possibilities meets an interactive platform:


By using the sun efficiently, 1/3 of the global energy crisis can be resolved in the long term.

Sustainable Building

Through a resource-saving and sustainable construction, the lifespan of the building can be saved material.


The mobility of the future will be powered by electric, rechargeable and environmentally friendly transport vehicles (car, bus, plane).

Virtual Reality / IT / AI / Digitization

More connection and presence, fewer unnecessary environmentally harmful processes. Digitization makes working overall more personal.


The processed, no longer needed products are not treated as waste, but treated as a valuable resource and fed back into the production cycle.

Efficiency increase

Orientate yourself to the future and find a way how old business models can be adapted and made even more efficient with a modern way.

Unsere Strategie – Ihre Vorteile

Professional management

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Management company

IFM Independent Fund Management AG

Asset Manager





Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG


Ernst & Young AG, Bern

Supervisory authority

FMA Financial Market Authority Lichtenstein

Our approach is to invest directly in systems wherever possible. We deliberately refrain from using funds, derivatives or exotic products in the fund. (LINK TO INFOGRAFIK FONDS)

We believe that by focusing on the future and sustainability, we create added value in terms of returns, but also in dealing with our planet. (LINK to newspaper article: WHY SUSTAINABLE COMPANIES PERFORM BETTER)

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Our market information platform contains all the information about our funds and much more.

Your benefits

LLB funds – the right fit for your goals

A large selection of possibilities meets an interactive platform:


For investments with a very high level of security - variable, fixed-interest and in different currencies. Defensive funds are also suitable as a building block for your portfolio.

LLB bond fund

Invest with fixed or variable rates in regions, currencies, topics or opportunities in the stock market. You can also add the funds to your portfolio as building blocks.

LLB equity funds

Equity funds are long-term investments and invest in regions and themes. Active and extremely inexpensive management make them suitable as a building block in your portfolio.

LLB Strategy Fund

Only invest in a fund with optimal diversification - in different risk classes of the currencies CHF, EUR and USD.


For investments that should achieve the highest possible real return in CHF or EUR in the long term.

LLB special funds

Suitable for investments that are to combine alternative strategies as a fund-of-fund globally or for investing in special trend-following systems.

Diversified investments that are the right fit

Do you already know our regional fund or would you like to benefit from comprehensive advice on your investments and assets?

LLB Equities Regio Bodensee (CHF)

Invest in companies from the extended Lake Constance region with a longer-term investment horizon.

Fund savings plan

The fund savings plan offers an attractive way of saving. Together with your client advisor, you will choose an optimal strategy to achieve your savings goals.

LLB investment plan

Systematically building up assets is also possible with the LLB investment plan - ideally suited for your investment with a medium to long-term investment horizon.

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